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5 Wedding Planning Tips for Millennials

You’ll be on a wedding high soon after the fiancé gets on his knee, opens the red box, and pops the question. Then days later, after your friends and family pries upon your wedding plans, the frenzy becomes a worrisome anxiety.

You’ll have so much to think about — the price-tag of your suppliers and if such meets your budget.

I’m not going to be your evil godmother and scare you out of your dream wedding. Instead, here are some tips to be as millennial as you can be about your big day.

1. Know the basics.

Did you know that marriage is legally defined as a special contract between man and woman, both at least 18 years old and consents to marrying each other? That is expected information, isn’t it?

Other than those two essentials, you’ll also need to apply for a marriage license from your area of residence. Click here to learn how to apply for a marriage license.

Moreover, your marriage shall have to be conducted by an authorized solemnizing officer during a ceremony to be witnessed by a minimum of two people. I bet you didn’t know that you don’t have to invite an entire herd, right?

2. Be selfish and listen only to yourself and your spouse.

When the news of your engagement breaks, there will be a lot of decisions to make. Do take note that the decision shall have to come from either you or your future spouse.

Don’t have a ball gown with a 10-meters vintage lace trail made if you want a simple midi dress. Don’t follow your insistent relative to have a theme of Red, Roses, and Galaxy if you want a Chic Loft motif.

Other’s suggestions will be mere opinions and good notions, but at the end of the day, only your decision matters.

3. Set a budget and stick to it.

The average cost for a modern Filipino wedding is at half a million pesos.

Discuss with your future spouse your budget for your wedding. And yes, put a price tag on your suppliers as this can be the most practical thing to do. And it saves you a lot of time too!

My favorite tip to couples is this: Sit down on a table across from each other. Each of you must make a list of suppliers in ascending order with the most important on top of course. Get the first three of each of the lists and make that your priority suppliers.

4. Learn to say NO.

You better practice this useful gesture! Say no to that aunt who pushes you to wear that designer gown. Say no to that friend who tries so hard to convince you to have the most glamorous honeymoon. Say no to that officemate who insists that your wedding cake should be as tall as the room.

Remember, it’s you and your fiancé who are getting married. It’s your big day, so your decisions will have to be respected.

5. Get organized.

Let’s be honest. Planning a wedding is complicated as there's a lot of factors to consider, tons of suppliers and options to choose from, lots of people involved, and numerous tiny invisible details to iron out.

Keep your head on straight as you plan a once in a lifetime celebration. Start your preparations early; write important things down; make a timeline and follow it to the dot. Do your research and curate your favorite photos into boards for your wedding.

If being and staying organized might not be your best skill, consider getting an event planner. Hire one that is capable and reliable.

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